Five Website Characteristics can provide a Good User Experience

There are five website characteristics, which can provide a good user experience. These are:

  1. Coherence: the site must make sense to the user and have a simplistic but creative design as well as be easy to read and not have an information overload, adequate font, and readable sizes.
  2. Complexity: the site must have different categories of text on different pages, so the user is not overwhelmed by the amount of info on one webpage. The different pages should be clearly named with what they contain so the user can find them easily and fast.
  3. Legibility: there should be a home menu link on every page of the site and it will let the user move back and forward to different pages easily and they will not get lost and frustrated when using the webpage.
  4. Site personality and style: This means that the site should be clear to the user through the colors and the images as well as the content contained within the webpage. It lets the user know if the webpage is a fun social one or a more serious business one.
  5. Visual design: the user experience also depends on how well the webpage works like the downloading speed as well as the resolution of the screen of the computer and the type of web browser that is used and what device the user is accessing the webpage on.