The emerging technologies and the Covid-19 pandemic have radically changed the customers’ behavior, as well as their needs and expectations. Therefore, the market has become more and more challenging and companies should understand these shifts and respond quickly to them in order to remain competitive. Upnotion helps companies to develop their human and technological capabilities that foster their growth in a sustainable way.

Our Digital Marketing Consulting Services

  • Market Research

With our experienced market research team, we help companies to conduct effective market research in order to develop new products or services. Our researchers use the latest methods and tools in order to capture the insights of potential customers and help companies with their product and service development.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

Every year, we are forming hundreds of young marketers specializing in Digital Marketing. We accompany companies to implement effective Digital Marketing Strategies. Experienced researchers of Upnotion help companies to increase their visibility, optimize their organic and paid search, evaluate and implement Omni-channel strategies, etc. We also provide customized services according to the needs of the company.

  • Social Media Strategy

Social Media has become a part of our daily life and they bring multiple opportunities for the companies. We help companies to understand and evaluate different opportunities of social media and to implement effective strategies for each of the social platforms. We also provide tools for social listening.

  • Data Analytics

Companies detain an enormous number of data. We help companies to analyze and visualize these data in order to create value for their business.

  • Digital Transformation or Digitalization

Experienced in Service Digitalization, we accompany companies, especially SMEs to adopt digital technologies to order to meet their customers’ needs and expectations as well to train their employees in order to ensure the optimal use of these technologies.

  • “Digital Culture” courses for non-marketing employees

Emerging technologies as well their importance in the organization is not still very clear for many employees. The aim of this course or workshop is to make non-marketing employees familiar with the digital culture.

Our Experience in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Digital Transformation

Upnotion’s Digital Team consists of researchers specializing in Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Big Data. Some of us have already worked in the industry as Revenue Manager, Trainer, Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Project Manager. Others are well-known researchers in this domain. In addition, our team is collaborating with industry professionals in order to propose the best combination of the latest research and industry practices.