How to optimize the Landing Page of your website?

A Landing Page is considered the Sales Page of the brand, and it aims to convert visitors into customers. The Landing Page is crucial for the marketing campaign’s performance. For instance, a quality Landing Page may give a higher conversion rate and ROI.

We often ask ourselves: What’s the difference between the Landing Page and the Homepage? A Landing Page is a standalone web page created to drive a specific audience to take a particular action or for a specific marketing campaign. However, a Homepage is a hub for a brand’s website, introducing who they are and what they sell with different Calls to Action (CTA). [We will explain the CTA in another blog]

Here are some tips to optimize your Landing Page :

  • Focus on the “Hero Section”

The hero section is the first thing visitors see when they land on your website. This area immediately shows up on the screen under your logo and menu. For the Hero Section, you should clearly show with a title and a photo by explaining: 

– Who you are or what is your product/service/offer

– Why are you different from others (from your competitors)

Here are the examples of the “Hero Section” (Screenshot taken by the author). We can easily see the Text, Image and Call to Action (Get Started).

  • Use the Narration

You should explain why, as a customer, I should buy or use your product. How do customers use that product in their daily life? What are the benefits? Use the narration and tell a story.

  • Focus on the “Information Task-Fit”

When customers scroll down (at the end of the page), they are about to buy your product. For this step, customers may ask themselves: Why should I buy this product and not others? How is your product different from other products?

Here, you should provide a table comparing your product to other products. It would help if you showed that your product performs for all the criteria while others don’t. Here is an example:

  • Integrate “Review and Rating”

Use product reviews and ratings from a third-party website. In addition, if you find any scientific arguments, that would be great. For example, according to a study, 97% of the customers who used this product overcame this problem.

  • Focus on the “Pain Point”

You need to talk about the problem and then provide the solution for that problem. Show your customers that you understand the problem well and that here is the solution/answer.

Here are some websites where you can have ideas/examples about the Landing Page.

  • Scrapbook (

  • Great Landing Page Copy (