The Influence of Social Media on Different Stages of Consumer Journey

Social media can influence different stages of a consumer’s journey. These stages are described below.

Consideration Stage

At this stage, social media ads, social media posts, blogs, or referrals from online influencers, friends, or family influence potential consumers’ decision-making.

Evaluation Stage

At this stage, consumers do their own research about a product or service. For example, consumers can focus on user-generated content (UGC), which is provided by other consumers who have used the product before. A consumer will trust the judgment of other consumers as they have previous experience and can encourage purchasing of potential consumers. Some examples of UGCs are reviews, star ratings, or even blog posts.

Buying Stage

At this stage, the consumer decides to buy the product or service. They may post on social media regarding their purchase and this would be useful to other potential consumers.

Enjoy Stage

At this stage, the consumer uses the product and gains satisfaction from utilizing the product. The consumer may then create some UGC for example a blog post, Youtube video, or Tiktok video on how to use the product. This UGC can influence and help other potential consumers who may be in the consideration or evaluation stages.

Advocate Stage

At this stage, the consumer starts to promote the brand via social media platforms. This yet again is useful to potential consumers as consumers trust in the judgment of other consumers who have gained a positive experience from using the product. So, the consumer becomes a brand ambassador as they are spreading positive information which can influence other consumers.

Bond Stage

At this stage, the consumer has created a bond with the brand and is loyal to them. This consumer may repurchase the product again. Promote others to the use of the brand and build a relationship with the brand and follow the brand on social media to keep up with the latest updates on new products.