Two types of User Experience (UX)

There are two types of User Experience (UX).

One type of UX is called tactical or technical UX: this represents the core principles of good user interaction and design are applied. A good interaction design makes sure that every user interaction is well thought through and that it serves the user in the simplest and most effective way possible. Conversion optimization focuses on ensuring that the user finds their way to the end of their goal of going on the page without dropping out of the conversion funnel. This type of UX uses the conversion rate as well as the method of split A/B testing

The other type of UX is Strategic or human UX: For this type of UX, the company gets into the realm of user insights and brand. the role of UX at this point is to find out about the needs of people and to design an experience that meets those needs in a way that fits the brand. The whole point of using this type of UX can be many different reasons. It can be used to create a fun place for people to hang out. It can be used to create a no-nonsense solution-based experience. It can be used to create a content-heavy deep site or a place where people can chat and discuss topics or make an exclusive and members-only site.