Barriers, and Consideration for your digital marketing strategy

The following barriers, and considerations you need to consider for your digital marketing strategies:


  • You can buy technology and it does not have to be built (outsourcing)
  • Every program that you roll out needs a rollback plan


  • People can be brought into the company via recruitment to do tasks that require certain skills that the recruited employees will possess.
  • Instead of recruiting new people to do jobs try to upskill current employees by training as these people understand aspects of the business such as organizational culture.

Budget and Resources

  • Restrictions on expenditure such as salary caps can cause growth to become somewhat stagnant.
  • The external environment may give rise to poor economic conditions which hamper the improvement of the Digital Marketing section of a business as this requires lots of funding.
  • Trying to impose a new method of work into the organization can be very time-consuming and causes stress on employees, leading to poor productivity (time=money).

Business Priorities:

  • A new competitor enters the market
  • New rules and regulations put into place
  • An Economic crisis
  • New top management employed with a different style
  • All of these factors can mean that the business has to move focus and thus resources to the new priority which then takes away from the expansion of the Digital Marketing strategy