Development of ICT and Evaluation of Digital Marketing

The development of ICT communication technology began during the 1990s with the arrival of Web 1.0 which was an era of very little interaction. The beginning of banner ads, the basic search engine, the founding of Google, and the launching of email interaction on mobile devices were all included in this first web phase.

Next came Web 2.0, introduced around 2000, which was a more interactive and the beginning of the creation of online social spaces. Apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube were all created during this time.

The arrival of Web 3.0 around 2010 represents users being able to interact with machines. New smart technological devices were introduced such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri all serving the role of a voice assistant. To adapt to the expansion of technology during these eras, there are constant changes in marketing strategy. The physical development of technology and digital product is now one of the prime forms of digital marketing. The way digital marketing is approached is also changing due to the increased penetration of the internet.