3 important tips to consider for your Influencer Marketing

The following three tips are based on our published research in a book chapter. The chapter details are provided later.

Tip 1:

The number of followers of influencers is overrated. Businesses need to understand that Number of followers is not the only factor defining an influencer. Micro-influencers with fewer followers may lead to higher sales than established influencers because consumers are well aware of the difference between sponsored and organic content.

Tip 2:

Consumers notice when an expert in the industry shares an opinion, even if this expert does not have a large popular following across social media platforms. Therefore, businesses need to consider using experts for their influencer marketing.

Tip 3:

Brands that engage an influencer who is not well-matched with the brand image can cause more damage than brands realize. So, it is very important for businesses to match the influencer with their brand.

To know more about these tips, please read my following published chapter-

Hasan, Rajibul; Billa, Malvika (2021) ‘Influencers’ Impact on Business Model Innovation in the Luxury Personal Goods Industry’ In Business Model Innovation. United Kingdom: Routledge. [DOI][Details]