Three Main Reasons for your Digital Display Campaign

There are three main reasons for the digital display campaign

  1. Awareness: If your company is less focused on direct sales through digital channels then a Digital display campaign will play a big part in your conversion journey. High volumes of online sales results in you having to play in a highly competitive market, therefore, resulting in a need for awareness advertising. E.g., an estate agent.
  2. Direct response prospecting: If your company is focused on sales and you are targeting the right customers at the right time with the right message. Direct response is suitable if you are trying to maximize your sales volume to the full potential but aiming for it at the lowest cost possible.
  3. Retargeting: They highly target customers by chasing users with reminders of the products and prices they have been previously quoted. It can be highly effective in ensuring that your conversion rate is optimized even after the user has disappeared out of the picture. It can be very popular in retail and travel sectors where people shop for similar products.