August 2, 2016

Consultancy and Market Research

Market Research is the bedrock for Consulting. Without proper and thorough market intelligence, brands would hesitate to adapt to the market trends or incorporate the industry best practices. We believe in data-driven insights that can empower the Brands to make informed decisions. Our endeavor is to provide rigorous analysis that will truly help the Brands to win a distinctive competitive advantage. And there are no shortcuts. An equal degree of focus is given to the quality of talent as well as on the research methodology. Our rich base of subscriptions enables our Analysts and Consultants to analyze and discern the signal from the noise, decode the trend, and represent the insights aesthetically.

How we ensure the quality of our service:

Our research team follows a systematic approach to solve any business challenge. The process initiates with the scoping call where the client’s problem and business requirements are thoroughly discussed and the pain points clearly understood and documented. A quick feasibility study ensues to gauge the availability of information in the secondary domain. Subsequently, SOW (Statement of work) document is prepared and shared with the client: the second round of discussion follows to ensure that the research is aligned with client expectations. The team combines the elements of primary and secondary research while interacting with industry subject matter experts, suppliers, subscriptions, stakeholders to gather information and develop insights. The pre-final version is thoroughly reviewed by the quality control team and the interim copy is dispatched to the client. Based on the feedback suggestions, the final version of the report is drafted and presented to the client.

We provide consultancy to individual or organizations through our expert consultants. Our consultancy service includes the following-

  • IT/Technology Consultancy
  • Operations Consultancy
  • HR Consultancy
  • Marketing & Sales Consultancy
  • Digital Marketing Consultancy
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Market Research